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Does this sound like you?

  • Hit a wall at 3 pm, no energy left for your family
  • Tired of piecing things together with your health and confused at what is best to focus on
  • Have trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Have a hard time focusing
  • You’ve purchased things in the past, but they lacked accountability
  • Can’t seem to lose extra weight
  • Struggle with PMS/menopausal symptoms

You know you want to feel better, but all the possible areas of focus are overwhelming…

hormones, gut health, thyroid and adrenals, maybe a new diet or workout program?!

You just want to feel your best so that you can show up for those around you and do the Lord’s work.

You want the process to be simple and efficient.

You want to finally feel confident in moving forward & in being your own advocate.

The last five months that I have invested with Kari and Amanda have been priceless. I knew I wanted things to be different and to feel better, but what I didn’t know what I needed was an in-depth look into my health from a physical, emotional, and spiritual direction. I have learned so many things, better ways to take care of myself physically and emotionally. I can see how I am on a true path of whole-body healing. I am so thankful for Kari’s integrative health knowledge and Amanda’s gentle, spirit-led way of coaching me. I know the only way to true healing is following Jesus’ way and they both let Jesus lead them in their practices.

 If you sign up for Renewed you won’t be disappointed. It takes work but is so worth it. You will never regret investing in your health, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Just imagine…

  • Reduce overwhelm
  • A simple and sustainable road map
  • Confidence in being your own advocate
  • Developing habits that will serve you for a lifetime
  • Little to no PMS/ menopausal symptoms
  • Cravings decreased
  • Sustained energy throughout the day
  • A healthy and resilient body!
  • A deeper level of peace, whatever comes your way.
  • The realization that true healing comes  from Him
  • Patient with the process, His timing is best.

reNEWed is the answer to the overwhelm and frustration of just wanting to feel their best.  To ditch the symptoms that have been slowing you down for years.

To show up with energy and excitement for each day!

This program has given me the knowledge and tools I need to make lasting changes that will impact my health long term. This is not a quick fix, but a way to learn important lifestyle changes!


reNEWed is for you if you.

reNEWed is for you if you…

✔️Want a tailored-to-you approach with 1:1 personalization

✔️Want to strengthen your health foundation for lasting results.

✔️Have been looking for a ‘no stone unturned’ approach to your health.

✔️Want accountability on your journey to better wellness.

✔️Are barely getting through the day and are exhausted by 3 pm

✔️Are willing to change and unlearn old habits that no longer serve you

✔️Can’t seem to loose weight (have an extra 10-15 pounds)

✔️Want to age gracefully

✔️Have PMS symptoms/menopausal symptoms

reNEWed may not be for you if you…

✖️Are unwilling to change any of the habits you currently have. It is essential to be open to change.

✖️Don’t have the time, energy, or finances to invest in your health. All 3 are important pieces. 

✖️Want a done-for-you meal plan or protocol. Everyone is different, and so our approach will be also. 

✖️Want experts that specialize in disease states.  Diabetes, Hashimotos, etc- while we don’t specialize in these areas, our foundational & comprehensive approach will improve most any issue. 

✖️Like to try and figure it all out yourself and don’t need any guidance. It’s important to be engaged in the journey and realize you get out what you put in. 

How does reNEWed work?

It’s a 5-month collaboration with both Amanda and Kari to provide guidance, tools, and accountability. We have structured calls each month with both Kari and Amanda that will provide both guidance and accountability. 

With Amanda’s guidance, you will have help sorting out where to start making small changes that will turn into big impacts over time in everyday life. And also discover what may be holding you back. She will give you tools that will help create new habits and begin to change your thought process. Encouragement, accountability, and unconditional support are things we all need to make lifestyle changes that stick.

Working with Kari will help provide more of the data of where you are, the ‘why’ behind the edits she suggests, and an approach that will provide lasting changes. Getting to the absolute bottom of the problem will prevent the common cycle of yo-yo dieting/healing protocols that is so common.

How do changes from reNEWed come to be?

Diagnostic tools

Using specific diagnostic testing modalities to provide customized recommendations is key.
Each participant will receive a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis + an integrative interpretation of bloodwork.
I am very diligent in making sure we are being as efficient as possible when your time, energy, and money are concerned.

Online Learning Modules

In addition to the personalization and 1:1 time in reNEWed, you gain access to self-paced Learning Modules that teach you about getting to the root cause of your symptoms.
These videos are short (15 minutes or less) and give you the need-to-know information on various topics we will be diving into/addressing in your roadmap back to health!

Goal tracking and another layer of accountability

Upon entering reNEWed, you will fill in an in-depth intake form within Healthie, the platform/app we use.  Based on that information we will set specific goals for you. Tracking these goals is important as we change habits and ‘unlearn’ some of the things that are so ingrained in us.

We will review these goals once a week and also use the Healthie app to communicate with you! Both Amanda and Kari will take into account your personal goals and hold you lovingly accountable.

I’m absolutely thrilled with the HTMA and labs analysis! THIS is exactly what I’ve been searching for. I’ve been disillusioned with the medical establishment for many years. I enjoy learning how the body works, what it needs, the roles that nutrients (food, minerals, vitamins) have, and how to best utilize them for optimal health. 

Overview of what’s included in this 5-month program:

    • 1 HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) test and interpretation
    • 1 analysis of bloodwork panel (bloodwork panel not included)
    • One 30-minute call with Kari per month (5 calls total)
    • Personalized diet, exercise, and lifestyle modifications based on your individual needs.
    • Two 45-minute calls with Amanda per month (Holistic Health Coach). A total of 10 calls.
    • Access to ask questions M-F
    • all of these things focus on bringing your body back into balance, specifically your nervous system. 


    Learn more about reNEWed and our hearts behind it!

    I feel like I walked away with many things in our coaching sessions that are nuggets of wisdom that I can subscribe to daily in my life that make a huge impact but don’t cost a thing. There’s something empowering and loving about that coming from a practitioner! In a world where it feels like health care only cares about sales, I felt very cared for in this!
    Kelsey B.

    We are ready to walk alongside you!

    Kari Coody, Pharmacist & Integrative Health Practitioner

    I’m Kari, a pharmacist who prefers natures medicine over conventional approaches. After spending 15+ years in the pharmacy world, I saw a great need to be empowered in your own health and not rely on ‘the system’ for all your health needs.

    I am very focused on looking at health as a whole- not breaking it into pieces (which can be valuable at times). Helping you look for cracks in your (health) foundation and then to strengthen it is my passion!  There are so many blind spots and I seek to give you a full view of all areas, then help you make a game plan that is attainable for you. I’ve seen it be the most effective of all approaches.

    Walking out that game plan with you is one of the greatest joys for me! I love the little wins because it’s those that add up to major changes that last.  Putting Christ first in everything I do is my goal and to help you do that as well, all while making your ‘vessel’ the strongest it can be, would be an honor!

    I love that I’m finally working with a like-minded practitioner that I feel is looking at my whole health from a very foundational approach

    Amanda VanLandingham, Holistic Health Coach

    I’m Amanda, a holistic health coach who uses food as medicine. Whole wellness is looking at all areas and making sure there is a balance between spiritual, physical, and emotional health. Whole food is the way God intended for us to eat and teaching others what that looks like so that their bodies can heal themselves is one key to the puzzle. My journey has been long and personal, but it makes me compassionate yet straightforward on how your lifestyle affects your health. Everyone needs a cheerleader and an accountability partner rolled into one! My goal is to help others learn to listen to their bodies and make them the best version of themselves they can be. I love teaching simple tricks to improve health and teaching others how to be their own advocate!

    Amanda is so caring and passionate about helping people. I felt Amanda was invested in my health and wellbeing. She helped me think through how I could make these changes work. Many of the tools I learned from Amanda I think about daily. They may be small triggers like a song or verse in the bible. It helps me stay focused on my goals. When I am at dinner with friends, I think about the tools Amanda gave me to be able to make better choices. Amanda helped me work through my own struggles and see the hope and freedom in making decisions and creating habits that would improve my health physically and mentally. I also loved that Amanda always grounded me in Jesus and even prayed with me. Working with Amanda was a gift, and I am so thankful for the time she invested in my life.

    Check out the new changes to reNEWed in 2023!

    Got questions about reNewed?

    What is the cost?

    $297 x 6 payments. Supplements typically run about $100/month based on your needs. This can always be edited based on your budget. * May be more if on a deeper detox protocol. 

    What are the dates?

    The next opening will be for the January-June 2024 group!

    Is there a payment plan?

    We already have this program broken down into monthly  payments vs one larger sum. Let us know if you would love to join but need special accommodations where this is concerned and we will try to work with you!

    What is the length of the program?

    5 months in length.

    Are there any refunds?

    We do not offer refunds.

    What is the time comittment?

    The time commitment per week will depend on if you have calls scheduled with Kari or Amanda, other than that there is no time commitment. You get out what you put in!  The learning modules you gain access to are self-paced and totally optional to take advantage of.

    Is this online or in person?

    This program is completely online and we will work with you either via phone or video conferencing!

    What testing is included?

    Included in the price of the program is a Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis  and interpretation of bloodwork. 

    This program comes with The Wellness Principles guide that we put together to help you take action while you wait for the program to start and get a jumpstart on healing!

    The Wellness Principles Guide

    A guide walking you through 3 unwavering principles of wellness that will always serve your body well.

    Mindset, Nutrition, and Habits- these are principles that serve us in all aspects of life. In this guide, we walk you step by step through these 3 principles and share simple & effective information we find ourselves repeating over and over in 1:1 client calls.

    Focusing on the principles keeps it simple, straightforward, and supportive of our bodies. So therefore we are more resilient to stress, our hormones come back into balance, gut health improves, and our metabolism fires up.

    In this guide you will receive:

    • 20-page PDF resource guide
    • 6 concise videos that walk you through the guide
    • links, extra resources  & simple steps to take action
    • access to a group chat to ask questions for ongoing support
    • access to be able to track metrics and food intake.
    • $67 value, yours for free!

    “Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us” Hebrews 12:1

    You really can get to the root of what is causing you to be off-balance and move toward feeling your absolute best every day!


    We look so forward to the chance to walk this journey with you. Simply prioritizing your health is something worth being proud of! It’s not easy in this quick-fix-obsessed world, but I know you are different.
    We get you, we are your people, and we are praying for you as you decide what’s best!

    Let’s Start a Conversation